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I have written and narrated the Flutterby Café hoping to blend imagination and family values just like the classics.  It’s the amusing and colorful adventures of young Lilyan who, convinced by her friend Katy, flies too high and too far on her first day as a flutterby.  Now lost in the forest, she embarks on the long and somewhat perilous journey back to the ephemeral city of Lepidoptera.  She encounters Selene the Lunar Moth, Idomenious the Great Horned Owl, and Scorch the fire-breathing Dragonfly!  The Trusted GoodBees are on a search and rescue mission to find her and bring her home safely to friends at the Flutterby Café.  Meanwhile she is distracted and enchanted by her dreams of Prince Daneus.  She knows he is dreaming of her, and it is only a matter of time before they meet outside their dreams.

The Flutterby Cafe Book for Children

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