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We would love to come to your gathering. Whether it be a coffee shop, fellowship meeting, outreach ministry, music festival, house concert, prayer meeting. We have music and hearts for all types of venues, and peoples. We can even give you some pointers on how to organize something if you've never done it before. Dont hesitate to email us and share your thoughts and plans!!

Guidelines for inviting the ministry to your group
Pray about it first!  Contact us, we'll pray about it too!

Transportation – It is customary to pay for the transportation costs. This may involve an airline flight and/or a rental car. If the artist(s) is driving his/her own vehicle, we recommend paying fuel costs/travel dining.  The artist(s) can provide receipts for these.

Lodging –It is also customary to pay for accommodations. You may wish to offer lodging in a private residence.  If so, a respectful way of approaching this suggestion is to ask the artist(s) if he/she would prefer to stay in a hotel or in a private room in the residence of one of the hosts.  Also check with the ministry regarding any food requirements or pet allergies, etc.

Musicians- We generally travel just the two of us, but love to play with other musicians. If you know a good bass player and a drummer, or other players nearby who can learn quickly and improvise, put us in contact with them, or invite them around, though this does not guarantee that they will be included, as this is determined by many factors.

Offerings and Honorariums- Mishkanim does not have a set fee for ministry.  After expenses are covered, we are happy to accept a love offering or honorarium based on pertinent circumstances and arrangements between hosts and ourselves.

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