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Workshop Series 

Introductory All-Day Workshop 

Foundations & Goals For singers, worship leaders, teams and more. 


Foundations & Goals Open Discussion.

In-depth Module/Syllabus Fore-View.

Practical Instruction.

Biblically focused Wisdom and Direction.

Includes lunch.

Opportunity to enroll in 10 Module Series.

Package Series of 10 Modules – 3+ hours* each


1. Pers. expression and Group critique/evaluation 1

2. Pers. Expression and Group critique/evaluation 2

3. Find Your Own Voice. (A look at skills, styles & techniques, etc)

4. Worship Leading: Dynamics, Song Selection, Preparation

5. Releasing new Songs

6. The Anointing in Gift and Character

7. Songwriting

8. Developing your “package”/ministry

9. Live Sound Dynamics and Recording, Mics, monitors etc

10. Marketplace Performance/Witnessing


*Please Note: these are not Individual, private vocal/instrument lessons,

though general instructions will be addressed.

*Fundamentals and goals All-Day Workshop $100.00

*Package Series of 10 Modules – 3+ hour each  $250.00 package

or 30.00 each to Audit with Approval

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