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                                                                                  Meeting guidelines and Camp Rules:


During the Meetings-

Please Take Conversations Outside- if conversations persist during worship, prayer, teaching, you will be asked to step outside.

No Unauthorized Filming or Recording- This gathering is unto YHWH/Yeshua and many things are sensitive and private for people. If the spirit moves, enjoy it, enter into it, do not film it. Thank you.

Sharing During a Session is encouraged within the following parameters: Do - Share scripture, spontaneous songs prayer, pictures, words, visions, tongues, wisdom, prophecies, etc.,

Do- Share Applicable BRIEF testimonies, prayer points; all should be suitable for a corporate gathering.

Do- share Liturgy- if you have favorite prayers, or BRIEF liturgies, you are free to recite them during the worship/prayer sessions at an appropriate moment. None are scheduled for the weekend.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Microphone- where the ruach is there is liberty and boldness

Don’t- Share CONTROVERSIAL PET DOCTRINES ie; calendar, name, earth, etc. Don’t Be offended if something happens which you don’t understand please talk to us. Don’t Tell long stories or testimonies.

Do-Handle disagreements privately, kindly, and orderly.



Camp Rules-

  1. Visitors-  All Visitors need to be registered through the registration page or contact leaders for admission.

  2. Event Start Time / End Time: The event is scheduled from friday Jan 13 to Sunday Jan 15 2023. These are the only dates our group is authorized to be at the campground. Check-in is at 11:00 am Friday and check-out is 11:00 am Monday.  Community lunch at 1:00 pm friday, Event begins at 3:00 pm Friday.

  3. Please note that if you want to change your registration information for activities, lodging, or any other submitted information, you will need to email by jan 11th 2023.

  4. Camp address: 536 NE 186th Ave, Old Town, FL 32680

  5. Use of campground amenities- during this event is limited to the open field and playground across from meeting hall only. Other amenities have not been reserved or paid for usage.

  6. Keep things tidy pick up trash as we go so people don’t have to spend Monday cleaning up after every one, Leave accommodations clean and tidy

  7. No Smoking/Vaping: For the health and comfort of everyone, smoking/vaping of any kind or any substance is not allowed on these premises per Camp Anderson.

  8. Parking: All vehicles are to be parked in designated areas. Please do not park on grass.

  9. General Curfew for the Campground: is 10:00 pm.

  10. Please provide adequate supervision of minors.

  11. No men in women’s cabins, no women in men’s cabins with the exception of family units or married couples.

      Sabbath Day: From sundown Friday until sundown Saturday, we observe the Biblical Sabbath as found in the fourth commandment.

12. All pets must be constrained by leash or kennel to prevent inconvenience or disturbance of others. Pets must be kept at tent site or RV site. No pets are allowed for cabin accommodations. Pets are not allowed inside of cabins at any time. Do Not bring your pets to any public gatherings, pavilion, clubhouse, spring, or any other location on campus except at tent and RV camp site locations. All pet owners must clean up behind their pet and not leave waste on the ground without wrapping/bagging and discarding in a trash container. Pets must be on a leash or in a kennel at all times. All service dogs must wear the appropriate vest.

 No alcoholic beverages, cannabis/thc, narcotics, fireworks, or weapons of any kind. Guns are not permitted in camp property (except lawful concealed carry) If anyone is observed with any of these items they may be asked to leave and there will be no refund.


Please keep up with personal belongings and make sure that you gather all prior to leaving the camp.

Please review this list with your participants so they are fully aware of the Camp Policy and Rules and are in agreement, prior to coming on the camp property.

What to Bring to Camp (Packing List)
1. Sleeping bag and pillow or bed linens / blanket for a twin mattress.
2 .Towel and basic bathroom toiletries
3. Bug spray, Sunscreen
4. Flags, banners, musical instruments
5. Bible, notebook, and pen
6. Pocket flashlight
7. Marketplace/General Store spending money


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